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Sourcing expertise in a specific industry, is an ever evolving challenge within any business. Selekt Consulting, with an assertive marketing strategy, has the ability to source the ideal candidate for the necessary position,  and in a short period of time, identifying your needs as far as and allocating your  potential candidates to the required area of employment. (Within radius of your offices).

We understand the urgency of replacing  staff as soon as possible within your business, and our dedication to you, as the client is our primary concern.

The Digital Age Meets Conventional Recruitment

Technology has advanced and we are helping your business benefit from it. When we say aggressive marketing, we are not joking.

Every job requires a candidate with very sepecific skill sets and personality traits. Leveraging target marketing, finding your new employee is where we shine. Convential recruiting and the new digital age have synergised resulting in Selekt Consulting, your new trusted recruitment team.

No Empty Desks Please!

Well we are thrilled to have you on board!

We are not jumping ahead of ourselves,  but you have read thus far and you can see that our approach, and zest for  the correct candidate sourcing, will appeal to your staffing requirements.

Your company requires the correct staff, which we are able to source in a unique manner. Sending us your job specification has never been easier, so please complete the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible to personally introduce ourselves, and discuss your requirements in detail.

I Need The Following Position Filled Please

As an employer looking to leverage our services, you can either email us or use the below form to send us job specifications that you need assistance with. All information is confidential and will not be displayed in the job listing. This is for us to understand the candidate requirement.

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