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Update your LinkedIn Profile

Most recruitment companies will always check your LinkedIn profile when they receive your resume’. Never leave this until the last minute to update.

A few things to consider, turning off notifications is always a good idea – this will ensure that any colleagues you are connected with will not receive broadcast notifications about you.

Don’t tag your profile with “looking for a new job”, your employer may be watching.

Last but not least, any new skill your acquire in a job, always be sure to list these skills so that your skills are always in parallel. A dramatic change in your profile, especially your skills will serve as a tip-off to any recruiters or employers.

Don’t post your resume on job boards

There is nothing worse than receiving phone calls, voicemails, texts and emails when you are trying to be discrete about finding a new job. The best new opportunities come from networking and meeting with recruiters. You can ask any recruiter to keep confidentiality on your meetings and it has to be honoured.

Depending on the circumstances in your current position, you may not want your employer or HR department to come across your resume online. This is the risk you run when applying on career portals.

Schedule your interviews outside work hours where you can

Let’s be honest, you can only have so many ‘doctor appointemnts’ before you raise suspicions. Try organising lunch meetings or ask for an appointment after hours.

With the shift in technology, Selekt. Consulting caters for Skype calls after hours within reason. We know it is really dificult to leverage sick leave for these meetings. Not only that, we advise against it, bosses may still expect you join conference calls from home if you have taken a sick day.

Take a paid days leave, have your meeting (especially if it is with the employer for the final interview) so that you are not distracted and expected to work.

Be exteremely selective with your references

Avoid using co-workers at all costs. You never know what grudge they may be holding against you and they also may very well slip up in conversation letting your boss know about your intentions to leave.

Use previous managers who you left on a good note with. Be certain that they will be assuring of your skills and work ethic and that your focus points are not too hindering.

Google common interview questions

There is a wealth of useful information on the internet and using it to your advantage will definitely give you the upper edge on your competor applicants. If you are going for an interview to be an office administrator, there is no doubt that Goolge will give you some of the questions that you may be asked.

See our little test here.

By being able to prepare for your interview will help you with entering the room with confidence as well as answering what potentially may be asked. The information is out there, levergae it wisely.

A boring CV is easily forgettable

Being different will get you noticed. How far you push that boundry can also be detrimental. Find a good balance between your CV cover letter and your personality.

The last thing you want is an ‘off the wall’ approach in your CV and you are an extreme introvert and that shines through in your interview. Be creative, be quirky, make the potential employer smile so that you stand out. Here, we will get you started with this link

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